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After the CEHv10 certification exam, now its time to put in practice all the information, techniques, tools etc. that I learned during that certification.

Searching I found the “practical” version of the CEH exam and also, the EJPT from eLearn Security.


The content of the EJPT is a little different from the EC-Council CEH certification, so, I choosed the EJPT for the way they apply the certification and because I will get more knowledge on bash scripting, programming languages, etc. that EPJT focused on.

The ELITE package will give you, PTS v4

-full lifetime access
-no expiration voucher
-3 retakes
-Videos/PDF/HMTL course
-60 hrs HERA LAB
-access to a 3 Black-box Penetration Testing Labs

Very good certification if you are trying to get more in deep in Penetration testing, eLearn Security have more certifications or “career paths” that probably you will like to review.

Also, hackthebox and vulnhub are very good webpages that help you to practice and learn lots of new techniques, new vulnerabilities, attacks, etc. but you are there by your own applying all the knowledge you have, does not have a course or something related.

keep working.

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