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Actually, I’m working to get the LFCS certification from Linux Foundation to understand and get more in deep on Unix/Linux environments, some days ago I was checking some of the IT portals my job have available and I found Safari Books Online as one of them.

Checking… I found a Crash Course what means a faster course that explain most of the content of a specific certification or programming language, etc. at this time the “LFCS certification“.

Course name: “Linux Foundation System Administrator (LFCS) Crash Course”

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 15.17.13
LFCS Crash Course – Safari Books Online

I got the chance to study this certification on my previous job, but now on my actual job I’m continuing studying this certification, I took this course for two days,

– April 24, 2019
– April 25, 2019

Basically is a very good course, you will need to have some basics of Linux as the instructor will not explain absolutely all from basics, but if not, keep attention and you will understand.

Some of the contents are,

• How to install a Linux OS
• Advanced Command Line Usage
• How to Manage Users and Permissions
• How to Manage software packages
• How to Configure Networking
• How to Create partitions and Logical Volumes and manage file systems
• How to Manage the Boot Procedure
• Bash Scripting Essentials
• Process Management
• Managing Services
• How to Work with Virtual Machines

The instructor will explain you all of them with very good examples, all sessions were recorded, so you can access the Safari Books Online portal and watch it several times if needed.

BUT, this certification requires hands-on 100%, so if you are studying this certification keep attention on the labs the certification have at the end of every topic and practice, practice… etc. I’m currently doing, but totally recommended.

I will be posting more info related… for any question, send SOS. 🙂 if you have any data to share, say hi !

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