how easily manage hard drives partitions on Windows ? HowTo

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Today any IT administrator needs to think about “partitions” “hard drives” “free space“, etc. when is managing the infrastructure and the company requires to create some new virtual machines (VM) for new projects. \Check some simple steps on how to open the tool to check the status, create partitions, etc. on Windows Environments.
*Tested on Windows 7 & Windows Server 2016

“disk management” / “create and format hard disk partitions”

2018-09-14 23_04_38-To the customer - OneNote
Disk Management

The previous image shows you basically everything about disks, there you can see all the partitions the machine have, the status of them, you will see a lot of details, from filesystem type to if the partition/disk is overhead or not. Take a look,

Here you can check two ways to open the tool.

1. Using Windows Key + R

After that just need to type: diskmgmt.msc and hit on enter.
You will the exact window like the image “Disk Management”

2018-09-15 00_00_11-To the customer - OneNote

2. Typing on Windows search

You can type “disk management” and the results will show you the tool, probably you will find the utility with another name “create and format hard disk partitions” as you can see at the beginning of the post, but is the same, just click it to select the tool and hit on enter.
You will the exact window like the image “Disk Management”

The tool will help you to

– explore
– change letters/paths
– extend
– shrink
– delete
– format

And more…

For every option, you will need to do a right click on the partition/disk you want to work, select an option (you can check the different options on the following image),

2018-09-14 23_53_26-To the customer - OneNote

and follow a very easy wizard that will explain you step by step what you need to do to successfully get the process done. The steps will differ for every option, but most of them are related to managing the space of disks, or properly the disk.

Take your time and play, this is a very easy tool that comes with Windows operating system, but today exists a lot of different tools to manage storage. Your choice.


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