how to encrypt .xlsx files with a password ?

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Probably if you work with a lot of .xlsx files and the information inside is sensitive, maybe you would like to encrypt some of this files with a password to keep that information safe. how to do that ?

Microsoft Excel has some features that let you encrypt the files with a simple password, you can set two different passwords,

1. Password to open the files (read-only)
2. Password to modify the files,(read/write)

Steps tested on Office 2013, but those are similar on recent versions.

1. Open the .xlsx file that you want to encrypt

2. Go to “File”

3. Go to “Info”

4. Click on “Protect Workbook” and select the option “Encrypt with password”

You will see a window requesting the new password for the file, please set the new password, (remember that passwords on most recent programs normally are case-sensitive), after that you will need to confirm the new password.

If everything was successful you can check one more time the option “Protect Workbook“, you will see some message like the following:

“A password is required to open this workbook”

If everything was correct, now you can close the file and every time you open this file you will need to enter the password in order to access the file, if you don’t have the password you can’t do anything with the file.

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