TOR Network – Exist relays in my Country? Focused on Central America

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The ONE YEAR after research about if exist relays of TOR network in your country really surprised me. The focus of that research was Central America in 2017, you can check the initial paper that was created one year ago and was published in our initial blog with another concept and name ““, now this blog is offline but we re-published that paper as we want to continue this research in our new community.

Again, we will use some tools of TOR Projects, “we will comment some differences between both researches during this paper“, regarding that, one fact is the name of the TOR Project tool we will use, because the name was “Atlas TOR” and now the name is “TOR Metrics” but let’s see how to know if exist relays of TOR network using the new application.



1. All country codes ready according ISO-3166.
2. Open TOR Metrics
3. Go to “Services” section and click “Relay Search”
You will see a similar page like the following image,

2018-06-16 17_30_30-Relay Search
Image: Relay Search

4. Click on “Advanced Search”
You will see a similar page like the following image,

2018-06-16 17_32_36-Relay Search
Image: Advanced Search

5. Go to the section “Country” and select for every country you need to know the relays and services that every country is handling. Click on “advanced search“.

Using COSTA RICA as example, you will see a similar result like the following image,

2018-06-16 17_38_25-Relay Search
Image: Costa Rica CR

So, coming back to the initial objective of this research “Central America“, let’s check the differences after one year…

1. Name: Costa Rica
Code: CR
Relays: 11

2. Name: Nicaragua
Code: NI
Relays: 0

3. Name: Panama
Code: PA
Relays: 7

4. Name: Belize
Code: BZ
Relays: 0

5. Name: El Salvador
Code: SV
Relays: 0

6. Name: Guatemala
Code: GT
Relays: 0

7. Name: Honduras
Code: HN
Relays: 0

Basically, one main difference after one year is the country with more relays, not sure why Panama does not have more relays or is the first place since Panama has more than 10 relays than the other countries the last year. But it is notable that these two countries still are the most used by public / private IT companies to hosting a relay of the TOR Network.

The rest of Central America actually does not have any relays of TOR network, if you check the inital research, one year ago all of them at least has one relay.

With all this information right now i have some doubts,

1. Right now CR has the majority of TOR relays in Central America, what are the most common services they handle ?
2. Why the most of Central America countries does not have any relay of TOR Network ? It is related to law ? Bandwidth ?

Check the initial paper.

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