systemctl – howTo remove daemons on Linux Environments

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Windows environments has a simple way to remove services that are already broken or if you dont need it more in your environment. PROCESS

For linux environments, the process is quite similar and linux environments at least the newer versions uses the new feature “systemctl” via CLI to manage that information, so the entire process will be handled with this feature.

Services or “daemons” called on that way on linux are handled as a “files“, you just need to stop, disable and remove the service. To do that please do the following process, from now we will use “daemon” instead of “service” when is related to Linux environments.

1. Stop the service

# systemctl stop [daemonname]

2. Disable the daemon

# systemctl disable [daemonname]

3. Remove or delete the files on the following path:

# rm /etc/systemd/system/[daemonname]

Note: Please check if you are using the correct path, can differ from versions, family, etc. Also, remove any symlinks related on the same path.

Other similar path: /etc/init.d/

Restart the OS if you can, if not, just reload the daemon tool, but as a suggestion, restart the OS.

# systemctl daemon-reload

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