how to verify the MD5 fingerprint of a file ? [integrity]

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What is the MD5 ?

The MD5 is an algorithm that calculates the fingerprint of a file and it helps you when you need to know the integrity of them. “Message-Digest Algorithm 5” was the successor of MD4, it was created in 1991 and right now it’s one of the most common algorithms used to verify the integrity of files, the coding of MD5 is 128-bit and is typically represented as a 32-digit hexadecimal number.

“If you hear the word “checksum” this means the result of the MD5 algorithm.”

Let’s see how it works on Linux environments with three simple steps.


The HASH of the example file “meteor”,

Filename: meteor

63ca23424e4c129df5fcee5b395c3443 meteor

1. The file to verify

[root@duks meteor]# ls
circle.yml LICENSES IssueTriageFlow.png meteor meteor.bat scripts
examples LICENSE packages tools

2. Get the checksum of the file.

[root@duks meteor]# md5sum meteor
63ca23424e4c129df5fcee5b395c3443 meteor

3. Compare

63ca23424e4c129df5fcee5b395c3443 meteor

63ca23424e4c129df5fcee5b395c3443 meteor

Any difference between the two hashes means that the file was altered. Therefore, you should verify the source of the files. If both hashes are equal, the file integrity is at 100%.

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