how to know if exists relays of the TOR Network in your country?

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TOR network bandwidth:

The TOR network uses the bandwidth that each user wants to allocate to use over this network, that’s how this network is powered. Practically any person with certain computer knowledge can get to build a relay of the TOR network, but how to check if they already exist in your country?

Let’s see as an example:

If we focus on Central America as a research focus, it is necessary to carry out the following steps to find out if there are relays of the network in your country. The search filtering that this tool allows is quite extensive, by IP addressing, by country abbreviations, Alpha-2, Alpha-3, by “fingerprints”, etc.


Step one: Know the country code to search according to ISO-3166.

This code is an abbreviation of two or three digits that exists for each country
under the aforementioned norm, this scenario is about two digits “ALPHA-2”.

Focus of Analysis: Central America

1. Costa Rica = CR

2. Nicaragua = NI

3. Panama = PA

4. Belize = BZ

5. El Salvador = SV

6. Guatemala = GT

7. Honduras = HN

Step two: Open the Atlas of Tor project.

It is possible that when checking the link of projects that is at the beginning of this paper, the Tor Atlas project is not there. However, it is easily accessible, TOR ATLAS! through this link, if not, well through searches by an indexer known as “Google” or others.

Step three: Perform search.

Once the abbreviations of each country have been identified, it is necessary to filter the search one by one to obtain the general data for its final analysis. The filtering method by country is as follows: country: [ABBREVIATION]

1. Costa Rica = CR = 6

2. Nicaragua = NI = 0

3. Panama = PA = 16

4. Belize = BZ = 1

5. El Salvador = SV = 1

6. Guatemala = GT = 1

7. Honduras = HN = 1

With this information, we can analyze the number of relays existing per country, what are their traffics, in which there are more relays, which do not have any currently in operation, what services they offer, etc.

As a conclusion about research/example, we can concentrate on two points in Central America, Panama in first position, followed by Costa Rica, with 22 relays that feed this network in Central America, since the other countries that make up the isthmus, they have a 1 relay, unlike Nicaragua, which currently has no active relay.

** It’s almost a year since this article/paper about this little research was created and published **

With this information we want to continue the research to check what is the behavior one year after on that field, if the Atlas tool process changed, etc. Based on the first impresion, Panama will keep the number one with more relays, but, let’s see

The analysis “One year after” will be posted soon.

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