FLARE VM – Windows Based Malware Distro. [6 S T E P S ]

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I knew some months ago an alternative solution to “Kali Linux” but totally based or created for Windows Operating System. Honestly, I thought, “great, it exist for windows!“, but now that im researching more in security field, also as im studying the CEH certification, as a future ethical hackers we need to know both sides.

This toolkit was developed by FireEye and they named the toolkit “Flare VM“, basically it is a customizable windows distribution for malware analysis,incident response, forensics analysis, penetration testing, red teaming, etc.

It is a file extension .ps1, “script” that contains many packaged tools ready to be installed, go and check the list on the specific GitHub documentation, (https://bit.ly/2sA8HX9). Can be installed preferably on 64 bits, but it works on 32 bits as well.


– Windows OS, fresh install (Tested on Windows 7 Professional)
– Admin permissions
– Powershell

The installation process before was a simple webinstaller that you just needed to download, double clik the file and after some time it will convert your Windows OS into Flare VM but now, i was checking that you need to apply some commands on Windows Powershell.

I used the basic method that you just need to download the file, I copied the file “script” to the core machine and run it. Check the “README.md” file for more context, (https://bit.ly/2JsBrdM)

Steps – My install

1. Download the file here: https://bit.ly/2Jv3iu9
2. Extract the file “master.zip”
3. Open Powershell as Administrator
4. Enable script execution running the following command,
Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
5. Find the script folder
6. Run the script

After that the installation proccess will start and will take some time, maybe a couple of restart will be required to successfully complete the installation.

Note: You can check a video on Youtube that i created before with the previous installation method, the one that is “deprecated”.

Video: https://bit.ly/2Hg8tsH


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