learn howTo install OWASP ZAP package on Ubuntu Operating System. [4 steps – updated]

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1. Admin permissions.

2. Java 1.7 or higher.

3. ZIP Tool

4. wget command


StepOne: Apply the following command to download the latest release hosted on GitHub.

securitytweak@ubuntu:~$ wget https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/releases/download/w2018-05-22/ZAP_WEEKLY_D-2018-05-22.zip

For this example i used that package, double check on the following link, what is the latest release: https://github.com/zaproxy/zaproxy/releases

If “2018-05-22” is not the latest version, just change that part of the previous command and add the the version that you want to install.


StepTwo: You need to use the tool “ZIP”, if this tool is not installed, please install it and do the following,

securitytweak@ubuntu:~$ unzip ZAP_WEEKLY_D-2018-05-22.zip

StepThree: Once finished the unzip process, please go to the folder with the following command,

securitytweak@ubuntu:~$ cd ZAP_WEEKLY_D-2018-05-22/

StepFour: Run the script.

securitytweak@ubuntu:~$ ./SCRIPTNAME.sh


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