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Today you can install any distribution of Linux using some methods, let’s see the different methods available today,  all of them require a specific file to successfully install and it will depend on the version you want to install. Every country has specific mirrors to download a lot of open source files.

For example: Costa Rica – CR

  1. CD/DVD

You can buy the operating systems or also, download the specific file format to burn into a CD or DVD and use it in that way.

  1. USB

For this method you just need to download the specific file version you need, after that, you can use any of the programs to create and configure the USB to boot from it and install it on your PC. For example, “Rufus-1.4.12“.

  1. NetInstall

This method allows you to install the operating system using online repositories where it has the latest releases of all packages and installs the operating system with the latest security updates, repositories, etc.

As I mentioned all of them need a specific file to do that, you will find that information depending on the version or family you want to install and use. (Ubuntu/Debian – Red Hat/CentOS – Fedora – SUSE)

Also, every family or distro has a specific way to configure the OS, and it is using a configuration file where you can specify all the configuration required for the installation,

FEDORA uses -> Kickstart

SUSE uses -> AutoYAST

DEBIAN uses -> Preseed File

Every distro has the specific documentation to use that files successfully.

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