how to combine files extension .z01 on Windows Environments ?

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Always when you work with a lot of files at the same time, possibly the size, the format, etc. will make the work a little slower.

Talking about compressed files using the tool ZIP normally the size depending on the FTP size limit is a nightmare, so some system admins prefer to split the files and after that combine all of them on destination device, so, let’s check one way to combine the files with extension (z01) using Windows.


Most scenarios have one single .zip file and several files with extension “z0#” that means several files with extension “z” and some number.

For example,


Content folder with all files: ( / securitytweak_rules.z01 / securitytweak_rules.z02 / securitytweak_rules.z03 )

The file was splitted in 3 more files, let’s review the process to combine the files in just one file. (

Note: If you try to extract any of the files with extension “z” the extraction will fail because the extraction process doesn’t know the composition of the file.


Do the following to combine the files,

  1. Open CMD “command prompt”
  2. Navigate to the path where the files are located.
  3. Use the following command,

C:\Users\securitytweak> copy /B  securitytweak_rules.z01 +  securitytweak_rules.z02 + securitytweak_rules.z03 +


Overwrite (Yes/No/All): yes



1 files(s) copied.


If you get any error message, please repeat the process and double check the command you are using, you will need to see something similar as the example. After that the zip file is ready to get extracted.

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